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Human BBQ Boston Marathon 2012 Recap

The Boston Marathon was yesterday. Now some of us might think “great, a little jog, then through back a bunch of beers with the bros. In fact, maybe someone should set up a keg at every 5th mile.” While this in fact might still be a great idea, apparently conditions were a bit challenging this […]


  First weekend of Coachella is about to kick off, and with a line-up as extensive as this, it is easier just to go check out their website than for me to list them all.  Needless to say, those of you fortunate enough to score tickets to this years event are in for a great […]

RIP Jim Marshall: The Father of LOUD

When I set out to begin highlighting all of the awesome things for bros to do in the Bromentous blog, I didn’t know I would be doing obituaries.  But these things happen, and for those of us who enjoy heading to concerts with the boys, or just tearing it up to some loud tunes, men […]

Grand Prix of Long Beach

While F1 fans can certainly follow these races to more exotic locales, the Grand Prix of Long Beach is a close to home event for plenty of West Coast bros.  If you don’t live out there, chances are you have some bros who do.  These races are always a great opportunity to get out with […]

The Masters

Golf Porn, a photo by Mike D. Merrill on Flickr. The Masters at Augusta kicks off this weekend and, while Tiger Woods is coming back and Rory McIlroy is looking tough, lets remember what golf is really all about. Getting out of the house for a few hours or even a couple days and drinking […]