3 Epic Motorhead Mancations for March

March Motorhead Mancations

March offers more than just basketball for those bros looking for an epic mancation.  Specifically for our grease monkey brethren, here are 3 Epic Motorhead Mancations.  Whether you are looking to sit and watch from a box seat or a dusty road, or looking to get behind the wheel yourself, we’ve got you covered.  For this months trips, you’re going to need your passport!

Score San Felipe 250

San Felipe 250 - Road Trip Mancation

Take this road trip mancation to Mexico!  Running from March 8-11, the Score San Felipe 250 is a warm up for the upcoming Baja 500 in May and the Baja 1000 in November.  For those of us lucky enough to be located in Southern California, this event could be an epic, yet very doable, 5 hour weekend road trip with the guys.  Even if you have to hop on a plane it would be worth it.

The best thing about the Score Baja series is that you can actually get involved!  Not everyone down there is racing with big money trophy trucks.  For guys looking to actually get behind the wheel or be part of the crew, the San Felipe 250 is a great way to get dirty, drive fast, and just enjoy being South of the border.

Grand Prix Malaysia

Malaysian Mancation

Obviously just getting to a Formula 1 race with the guys is going to make for an epic mancation.  However, if you’re also looking to check off another country on your atlas, consider heading to Kuala Lumpur for the Grand Prix of Malaysia which runs from March 22-24.  While getting to KL isn’t exactly a weekend road trip, for the serious F1 junky it is another check on the bucket list.  Personally, while I was over there I would head on down to Indonesia and grab a few waves.

Mototaxi Junket Peru

Some of my motorhead bros might be scratching their heads on this one, but our subscribers know that Bromentous is a huge fan of The Adventurists.  These guys have put together some of the most adventurous mancations and road trips around.  For those bros who think that traveling the full length of Peru on a glorified scooter sounds like an epic road trip, then this is for you.  This video says more than I ever could about the magnitude of Bromentousness.



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