The Bromentous Man Trip Planner is a simple tool for either setting reminders about events you don’t want to miss or for planning upcoming trips with the guys.


A confession.  A couple years ago I missed the Indy 500.  So I called my bro, (my real brother, a true motorhead) to confess, and he had missed it too!

Son of a Bitch.

That Monday I was checking up on unimportant news when I realized the race with its spectacular ending was the day before.  I have vowed to make sure me and any other bro’s never unintentionally miss another Bromentous occasion, and thus the birth of the Bromentous Man Trip Planner.

A few things have happened in the last few years that made it necessary to organize these great events and festivals onto an online calendar – namely kid 1 and kid 2.  Suddenly it has become possible to not have enough time for things like The Most Exciting 2 Minutes in Sports.  I mean really, just 2 minutes!


As I began adding events to the calendar, I realized that the travel lists and top 10 can’t miss guides I love to read in magazines go about their organization the wrong way once life gets a little busy.  When I had all the time in the world and hung out with my bros all the time, we picked events we wanted to hit up and made it happen.  Now that life is a bit busier, I’ve found that free weekends or weeks in common are the determining factor.

Now planning a guys trip is more likely to follow this path:

  1. Someone initiates panic email saying if they don’t get out of the house soon something bad will surely happen.
  2. Sarcastic replies requesting sender “sack up” ensue.
  3. Reality sets in that we all need a guys trip.
  4. Hash out when everyone can get away for a few days at the same time (not so easy anymore).
  5. Figure out if anything cool is happening at that time.
As well rounded sophisticated bros, we don’t really care if the reason is a sporting event, concert, BBQ contest, beer-fest, triathlon, bull running, hill climb, drag race or tractor pull.
You are just looking for The Reason to get out of town.  The good times and beer will flow no matter what.