21 Epic Mancation Trip Ideas for February

For a short month, February is packed with epic mancation opportunities.  Maybe it’s the whole “Lent is on the way” thing.  I don’t give things up, but the prospect of it has brought us both Carnival and Mardi Gras so I ain’t complaining.  Having those two festivals in the same makes other months green with […]

January Mancations – The Rickshaw Run

There aren’t many groups putting more epic mancations together than The Adventurists, and their races for this month are no exception.  There are two of their famed Rickshaw Runs slated for Jan 2013, one in India the other in Indonesia. Adventurist Mancation For those of you not familar with the concept of The Adventurists races, […]

Bromentous Stupid Mancation of the Month

Ottery St. Mary Flaming Tar Barrels Let’s get one thing clear, by stupid I mean friggin’ Awesome.  So you get a mob of people together and run through them whilst carrying a burning wooden barrel on your back?  What could possibly go wrong (see Texas A&M homecoming bonfire)? Of course, like all things British, this […]

Top 10 Mancations October 2012

  10 Epic Mancations for October Get the passports and the pick-ups ready.  This months top mancations will bring you all over the globe, or right in your backyard.  The List Cricket World Cup 2012 – Sri Lanka PBR World Finals 2012 – Las Vegas Oktoberfest – Munich, Germany Mototaxi Junket – Peru Rickshaw Run – Indonesia […]

Henry Rollins Writes About Travel

Henry Rollins Speaks the Word on Travel I found this on Facebook, so can’t actually vouch for its authenticity.  Considering Henry Rollins’ capacity to speak the word as well as sing it, it wouldn’t surprise me if he put together this type of succinct message. All I know is that it pretty much sums up what travel […]

Mongol Rally – Most Epic Mancation Ever?

What is the Mongol Rally As I’ve said before, researching new events for the bromentous trip planner has been an unexpected pleasure at times.  I recently came across The Adventurists, who are single handedly fighting against safety and boring travel while managing to raise around 4 million pounds for various charities and noble causes.  Danger […]