Epic Cycling Mancation – The Iron Horse Bicycle Classic

Epic Cycling Mancation – The Iron Horse Bicycle Classic The Iron Horse Bicycle Classic is an epic cycling mancation to plan your guys weekend or road trip around.  It goes down during Memorial Day weekend in Durango, Colorado. Popularity grows each year and the event sells out way in advance, often times as early as December. […]

21 Epic Mancation Trip Ideas for February

For a short month, February is packed with epic mancation opportunities.  Maybe it’s the whole “Lent is on the way” thing.  I don’t give things up, but the prospect of it has brought us both Carnival and Mardi Gras so I ain’t complaining.  Having those two festivals in the same makes other months green with […]

Chilean Mancation: Summer Skiing and Snowboarding

Epic South American Mancation While a lot of trips we focus on here at Bromentous are based around specific events, many of the best mancations are about getting off the grid with your boys for a while.  The South American snow season is upon us, and if you haven’t already been it is time to […]

Fisherman’s Mancation – Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament

A Sportfishing Mancation With a lot of sporting events being covered lately, it’s awesome to post about a man trip that our bros can actually go participate in, and the Big Rock has been doling out over $1 million in prizes for the last 14 years (read the cool history of this tournament which dates […]

Planning a Mancation for June?

It’s really pissing me off that the expanded mancation planner is not functioning properly, but the world goes on.  So here is a list of the amazing events going down this June.  If you are looking for something to do this month the hardest part will be choosing which one to do.  There are epic motor […]

US Open of Snowboarding Turns 30

The US Open of Snowboarding is on in it’s traditional location of Stratton, VT. It’s hard to believe it is in its 30th year under Burton‘s ownership. Open events are great, you never know if some unknown is going to show up and take the stage from the big names. Just look at what happened […]