21 Epic Mancation Trip Ideas for February

For a short month, February is packed with epic mancation opportunities.  Maybe it’s the whole “Lent is on the way” thing.  I don’t give things up, but the prospect of it has brought us both Carnival and Mardi Gras so I ain’t complaining.  Having those two festivals in the same makes other months green with […]

Top 10 Mancations October 2012

  10 Epic Mancations for October Get the passports and the pick-ups ready.  This months top mancations will bring you all over the globe, or right in your backyard.  The List Cricket World Cup 2012 – Sri Lanka PBR World Finals 2012 – Las Vegas Oktoberfest – Munich, Germany Mototaxi Junket – Peru Rickshaw Run – Indonesia […]

July Mancations: 3 Epic Adventures for Runners

July Mancation:  Runner’s Edition Run with the Bulls While not technically a race, when the rockets fire in Pamplona you better start running and you certainly don’t want the gates to the arena closing before you get there.  The man trip to the Festival San Fermin is a classic ritual and a bucket list item […]

June’s Toughest Mancation: Calcio Storico

Great Italian Mancation Don’t let the funny hats fool you, this event is one of the craziest things I have come across since I began researching epic mancations around the world.  This isn’t the toughest event to get to, or the toughest to participate in; it’s just the toughest sport I’ve come across in a […]

Fisherman’s Mancation – Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament

A Sportfishing Mancation With a lot of sporting events being covered lately, it’s awesome to post about a man trip that our bros can actually go participate in, and the Big Rock has been doling out over $1 million in prizes for the last 14 years (read the cool history of this tournament which dates […]

3 Reasons Why The College World Series Is An Epic Mancation

Mancation Omaha: CWS The College Baseball World Series kicks off today, marking the beginning of an epic mancation weekend for those bros who made the man trip to Omaha.  College sports are awesome, and this annual event is the cream of the crop. While Omaha itself isn’t often on man trip top places to visit […]