Road Trip: Where to Drive Fast

Fast Driving Road Trip If you’re looking for a fast-driving road trip you might want to read this recent article.  I know probably isn’t your regular source of latest vacation info, but this article highlights the myths and realities of the autobahn and where you should really be heading to open up the throttle. […]

Top 3 Food & Drink Mancations for May

Mancations, Guys Weekends and Road Trips Sip! Sip! Enjoy your whiskey, beer or BBQ  and make memorable broments. As usual, we try to offer options for both bros who want to get the passport out, or bros who prefer to road trip it a bit closer to home.  If you’re looking to booze it up […]

Henry Rollins Writes About Travel

Henry Rollins Speaks the Word on Travel I found this on Facebook, so can’t actually vouch for its authenticity.  Considering Henry Rollins’ capacity to speak the word as well as sing it, it wouldn’t surprise me if he put together this type of succinct message. All I know is that it pretty much sums up what travel […]

Mongol Rally – Most Epic Mancation Ever?

What is the Mongol Rally As I’ve said before, researching new events for the bromentous trip planner has been an unexpected pleasure at times.  I recently came across The Adventurists, who are single handedly fighting against safety and boring travel while managing to raise around 4 million pounds for various charities and noble causes.  Danger […]

Chilean Mancation: Summer Skiing and Snowboarding

Epic South American Mancation While a lot of trips we focus on here at Bromentous are based around specific events, many of the best mancations are about getting off the grid with your boys for a while.  The South American snow season is upon us, and if you haven’t already been it is time to […]

Three Great Beer Festivals for Your Weekend Mancation

Mancation Trip Planner: A Weekend of Beer This weekend, like most weekends, is all about beer.  And why shouldn’t it be?  You certainly deserve it!  There are three great beer festivals happening in three rockin’ towns this weekend.  Any one of them would be  a great reason to skip out for a road trip with […]