Henry Rollins Writes About Travel

Henry Rollins Speaks the Word on Travel I found this on Facebook, so can’t actually vouch for its authenticity.  Considering Henry Rollins’ capacity to speak the word as well as sing it, it wouldn’t surprise me if he put together this type of succinct message. All I know is that it pretty much sums up what travel […]

March Madness Update

Lehigh Upsets Duke: Blue Devils Stunned In NCAA Tournament. You know, every once in a while, great things happen that bring a wide grin to your face.  In my earlier post about the start of March Madness, I tellingly mentioned that maybe, just maybe, some lucky bros would get to witness a crushing Duke upset. […]

The Birth of Bromentous

I’m not sure how it happened.  Last Memorial Day weekend I missed the Indy 500.  So I hung my head and called my grease-monkey of a bro to confess. I could already hear the laughter and ridicule. Guess what, he had missed it too. Son of a Bitch. That Monday I was checking up on […]