Motorhead Mancations – Monaco Grand Prix, Indy 500, Isle of Man TT

After quite a bit of writing about cycling, horse racing, early summer music festivals, and straight-up drink-athons it’s good to get the hands dirty and get into a real motorhead man trip post.

This weekend’s epic mancation ideas include the Monaco Grand Prix, the Indy 500, and the Isle of Man TT.  These events offer something for all types of our grease-monkey bros – Euro racing, American classic, and two-wheeled mayhem.

While most of us will be making some time to catch these events on TV over the next few days, any of these would make for an epic mancation.  That being said, Isle of Man is the mancation favorite.  These guys are just too nuts. 200 mph motorcycles on regular streets, are you kidding! That combined with exotic location bring it home.

That being said, the Indy 500 is an American institution.  Even with the problems in cart racing, this Memorial Day weekend classic is a can’t miss event for the guys.  In fact, missing it was the inspiration for this whole site!  If you haven’t already, use our epic man trip planner to get your next mancation together and check them off the bucket list.

Here are some videos of what we can expect over the next week or so.

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  1. Thanks for the link!

    • bromentous says:

      No problem! That is a great article about this years Indy 500 and where Cart racing stands in general. I cover things other than sports, so it’s best to leave the in depth coverage to experts like yourself.

      I love learning about off-the-wall sporting events that make great travel destinations (like the Isle of Man TT), if you have any suggestions or favorites I would love to hear about them…


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