Leadville Qualifier – Austin Rattler

April 13, 2013 – April 13, 2013 all-day
Rocky Hill Ranch

 Leadville Series – Epic Mancations for Competitive Bros

From the official site:

Just east of Austin is Rocky Hill Ranch, known as one of the first and best mountain bike ranches in Texas. This 1,500-acre playground played host to the inaugural Austin 100 mountain bike race, the first Leadville Qualifying Series event. Whether you’re interested in qualifying for the Leadville Trail 100 or just looking for an amazing MTB event, the Austin Rattler 100 is sure to challenge your endurance and motivate your early season training. Only solo racers will be eligible to qualify for Leadville, however we do offer two- and four-person relay divisions for those who want simply enjoy the race, hang with friends and experience one of the best parties to hit the mountain biking scene since, well, ever.


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