Top 3 Food & Drink Mancations for May

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Sip! Sip! Enjoy your whiskey, beer or BBQ  and make memorable broments. As usual, we try to offer options for both bros who want to get the passport out, or bros who prefer to road trip it a bit closer to home.  If you’re looking to booze it up this May, and really who isn’t, here are some epic mancation trip ideas.

Speyside Whiskey Festival

Enjoy the spirit of finest malt whiskey topped with fun activities at Speyside-Moray from 2nd to 7th of May. The countdown for Speyside Whiskey Festival has begun, Get set and head to North East Scotland to witness the amazing festival and discover Scotland secrets. Enchanting sceneries and outdoor activities like walking, cycling and musical and food fests adds beauty to the fun event. Get on a mystifying tour of exploring the land and event. Whisky Smugglers Experience Tour enables you to explore the style with which smugglers and distillers lived off on the whisky roads earlier. Be enchanted with iconic wildlife and stunning landscapes!

Czech Beer Fest

Explore the Czech Beer Festival in Prague, Czech Republic from May 16 to June 2 this year. The incredible fest features nearly 120 beers including seventy Czech brands and other US and UK foreign brews with a seating capacity of about 10,000 fun makers who would be served by traditionally costumed boys and girls. Book your tickets to this eclectic and medieval Prague to taste the beer products and few sausages showcased.  Admission is free.  Make a move now to enjoy this great fest with unbelievably affordable beer!

Your exit strategy is simple:

Ya honey, we’re heading to Prague for the beer fest.  Hot women everywhere?  Oh really?  I didn’t know.

World Championship BBQ

Head down to Memphis, USA for World Championship BBQ scheduled between May 16 and 19, 2013 at Tom Lee Park where many teams compete for prizes for over 110K USD and bragging rights. Whole area would be decorated elaborately for this ‘Super bowl of Swine’.  Go for fun moments with Ms. Piggie Idol competition in which swine are brought to test their vocal capacities, a t-shirt contest and the best booth contest with this BBQ. It’s nothing fun unlimited!

Bromentous Editor’s Choice

Czech Beer Festival – Ahhh Prague.


Featured Image:  Czech Rep, Prague Beauty on travellingtamas’ photostream (190)

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