Henry Rollins Writes About Travel

Henry Rollins Speaks the Word on Travel

I found this on Facebook, so can’t actually vouch for its authenticity.  Considering Henry Rollins’ capacity to speak the word as well as sing it, it wouldn’t surprise me if he put together this type of succinct message.

All I know is that it pretty much sums up what travel sites like this are all about.  Go out, try something new, take a risk, don’t over plan, and let the adventure unfold around you.  You might just be surprised what it leads to.

To Epic Travels…  Bromentous







































Photo: June 1 2012 Henry Rollins 005 from jennzebel’s photostream on Flickr











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  1. I completely agree with what Rollins is saying here. I’m simply not the same person after extended travel. My goals, values and outlook on life have changed. I enjoy giving things away now as opposed to hoarding. My goals in life now are more about experiences than credits or badges of honour. It’s changed things for the better I’d say :)

  2. Thanks for the comment!

    I like your analogy of collecting experiences instead of things. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that when I look back at all of the money I spent traveling instead of on material goodies. Why don’t I have a $3000 mountain bike? Oh ya, 9 months in the Caribbean…

    Best of luck on your continued adventures. I’ll be following along!

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