January Mancations – The Rickshaw Run

Adventurist Mancation

There aren’t many groups putting more epic mancations together than The Adventurists, and their races for this month are no exception.  There are two of their famed Rickshaw Runs slated for Jan 2013, one in India the other in Indonesia.

Adventurist Mancation

For those of you not familar with the concept of The Adventurists races, basically it is a routeless, unsupported journey of thousands of kilometers in vehicles you normally wouldn’t drive down to the corner store.  In addition to entry fees, teams are expected to raise minimum amounts for charities that are associated with the locales they are racing in. Watch this video for a bit more info, and drool over the mancations these blokes experienced.



This is no event for boutique hotel needing metrosexuals.  Get your beard on, your passport ready, a whole bunch of shots, and gallons of Pepto.



Photo Credit:  The Adventurist’s photostream on Flickr


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