Mancation Montreal: Mondial de la Biere and the Grand Prix

Mancation: Montreal Grand Prix


Mancation, Canadian Style

Montreal can be a great mancation destination any time of the year, but the chance to combine it with some F1 racing is  pretty epic.

While it’s an easy place to fly into from just about anywhere, for those bros from the Northeast, Montreal is even within road trip range.  This French-speaking destination will make it seem like you’ve traveled all the way across the pond, and combined with the fact that Montreal is well known for beautiful women, you’ve got a Bromentous Top 10 event on your hands.

Mondial de la Biere

If you have the time to make a week-long man trip of it, the Mondial de la Biere festival leads up to the busy racing weekend.  This event is the largest beer festival in Canada, with over 100,000 people attending over the course of 5 days, and highlights breweries from all over the world.  This year will emphasize some South American brews, notably from Brazil.

Of course, requisite good eats will be there as well and will push some more adventurous morsels on the crowd.  Keep an eye out for turtle and alligator soup and kangaroo on a stick.

I’m not really sure why you even need a passport to get into Canada, but you do so don’t miss the chance to get that stamp while you are at it.  And if this weekend doesn’t work for you, be sure to visit our trip planner for more great mancation ideas.



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Photo: Dance, Dance, Dance from ph-stop’s photostream on flickr

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