3 Reasons Why The College World Series Is An Epic Mancation

College World Series, Omaha 2011

Mancation Omaha: CWS

The College Baseball World Series kicks off today, marking the beginning of an epic mancation weekend for those bros who made the man trip to Omaha.  College sports are awesome, and this annual event is the cream of the crop.

While Omaha itself isn’t often on man trip top places to visit lists, this is a great reason to head out the heartland, slow down the pace a bit, and watch some great baseball.  And for those bros with kids, this is probably one of the coolest father-son trips imaginable.  Here are three things that make this event Bromentous:

1. College Sports Are Awesome

You know these kids are really playing their hearts out.  It’s also refreshing to have a college championship without all of the debate about what a failure the BCS is for football.  This is a championship tournament done right.

Here is a good video of last years highlights from GamecocksOnline:

College Baseball Nostalgia

Watching college baseball brings me back to those days of having nothing better to do than head to the stadium with some bros and a flask of Jim Beam under my belt to catch the ‘Horns in a double header.  As with many of the events we highlight, being a Bromentous occasion doesn’t mean you have to be there to get in the game.  For the bros whose teams are playing, you know it’s going to instigate some serious house parties, or at least reaching out to some old college bros we haven’t spoken to in a while.  I know I’ll be shooting out some “hey man, remember when..” texts this weekend.

2. The Affordable Mancation

One of the great things about this mancation is that it shows that a great time can still be had without spending your life’s savings on a ticket.  You can take the every kid in the neighborhood to the CWS for less than one ticket to Yankee Stadium and just getting some nachos and hot dogs won’t require liquidating your 401(k) account.  Omaha is cheap, so go nuts.

3. Omaha Food & Drink

I’ve never actually been to Omaha, so I reached out to Omaha.com nightlife reporter Cara Pesek for some local info on where to go when the games are done.  She’ll be heading out to check out the bar and tailgating scene near the stadium in a bit, so follow her on twitter at @CaraPesek #cwsbars.

Although there is a thriving bar scene with tons of options, here are some exerpts of the email Cara sent:

“IO Speak, which is in the basement of the Indian Oven at 1010 Howard St. If it’s open, there will be three candles in the window. If not, no candles. Another is House of Loom at 1012 S 10th St. Both of those bars have big menus of great, STRONG cocktails from the pre-Prohibition and Prohibition eras. Loom becomes a dance club after nine or so, so best to go early unless you want to dance.

But I think a place your readers might be more interested in is Benson, a midtown neighborhood that’s sort of half working-class dive bars, and half bars that totally cater to the craft beer crowd. Jake’s serves craft beers (though you can get PBR and stuff, too) and has a cigar bar section, Beercade also has a huge craft beer selection and also a whole bunch of vintage video games, and Krug Park is pure craft beers. Two new breweries are also going to open in this neighborhood in the next year or so….it’s becoming quite the beer drinker’s destination. One of my very very favorite bars in all of Omaha is Full House, which is a super divey karaoke joint with a great shuffleboard table. All four of these bars are right arond 61st and Maple streets.”

Craft beer? Vintage video games? Shuffleboard?  I’m in.  And who says our bros can’t dance!  Thanks a lot to Cara for this info.

There’s a lot going on this weekend, so be sure to check The Man Trip Planner for more epic mancation ideas.  I’m not trying to be the best sports analyst here, so check out some of these great articles for more in depth CWS coverage.

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Photo: Virginia-USC from White & Blue Review’s photostream on flickr

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