Isle of Man TT – Top Mancation of the Year?

Isle of Man TT by Jonathan Camp

I know I’ve covered this race in posts (The Motorhead Man Trip and Mancation Planner: June 2012) a couple of times already, but there is a reason.  And this video pretty much sums it up.  Awesomeness.


This event would be a trip of such Bromentous proportions, your crew would be talking about it forever.  The race is clearly unbelievable, and you can only imagine what the pub scene is like in Douglas (capital of the Isle of Man) throughout the entire two week event.

I only wish that we had any coverage on TV here  in the states.  I’m not finding it anywhere, but perhaps it will be on The Ocho at some point.  Thankfully, sweet videos like the one above are starting to creep onto Youtube.  I can’t get enough of them.

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This isn’t really Isle of Man TT related, as far as the motorcycle race goes.  But it’s an unbelievable video of a Subaru taking the course.  At about 4:30, it shows the slow motion of the driver recovering from a near crash at 150 mph.


Photo:  Isle of Man TT 2008 from Jonathan Camps photostream on Flickr




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