Mongol Rally – Most Epic Mancation Ever?

What is the Mongol Rally

As I’ve said before, researching new events for the bromentous trip planner has been an unexpected pleasure at times.  I recently came across The Adventurists, who are single handedly fighting against safety and boring travel while managing to raise around 4 million pounds for various charities and noble causes.  Danger and doing good?  Talk about an epic man trip in the making.

Pitching this idea to your wife or other will probably go something like this:

Honey, I need to drive 10,000 miles from London to Mongolia.  I’ll be gone for a month, but for a good cause.  It probably won’t be that fun.  Yes it is perfectly safe.

No problem.

Mongol Rally 2012


The Rally

This event is a 10,000 mile drive from London to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.  The course is what The Adventurists like to call an “un-route”, meaning get there however you wish.  No route, checkpoints, or handbook.  There are some restrictions when it comes to your choice of car – namely, the engine size must be under (or around) 1 litre.  Just to keep things interesting.

The Charity

Each team is asked to raise a minimum 1,000 pounds for charity.  500 will go to the event’s official charity, with the rest going to charities of the team’s choosing.

Convinced that this is the most epic man trip ever?  Registration for 2013 has opened.  So start getting next August freed up.

Mongol Rally 2012 – UK Launch at the Festival of Slow – YouTube. is a website dedicated to finding and highlighting the best man trips around the world.  Our Man Trip Planner is a calendar which hosts over 200 epic trip ideas for your next mancation.


Photos:  Mongol Rally 2010 and this one from Holidayextras photostream on Flickr


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  1. This sounds awesome (and this is coming from a girl). Are you guys doing it? Just imagine all the stories you’ll have to tell afterwards!

    • I am not doing the race, but the stories coming out of it look amazing! I just learned about it, but it is definitely on the list. Their other races also look great if you can’t pull off a whole month away…

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