Mancation Philadelphia – The Collegiate Rugby Sevens Championship

Admittedly, the idea of a road trip to watch the Collegiate Rugby Championship is still a pretty obscure for most people in the US, but that is what is all about.  For the bros out there that played rugby in college, and maybe get out to the old mans games once in a while, this sounds like the best mancation idea they’ve heard in a long time.  Trust me.

Pretty much all of the friends that I’m still in touch with from college were my teammates and a chance to meet up with them to watch some rugby, kick back a thousand beers, sing some songs, and rehash some old tales would undoubtedly lead to a mancation of epic proportions.  In fact, with a bunch of other groups of bros doing the same thing, I might recommend avoid bringing the kids to see the Liberty Bell this weekend.

The College Connection

The connection with university sports and just being a reason to reach out to some old friends is what makes this a Bromentous event, whether you can make it to Philly or not.  I guarantee that with Texas in this tournament, I’ll be getting texts and calls from some bros I haven’t heard from in a while.  Conversations on Facebook will happen, and some stories that cannot be retold under oath will be alluded to.  And that’s what bromentous events do.

Rugby in the USA

Collegiate rugby, and rugby in the USA in general, has come a long way since I played at the University of Texas back in the early ’90s.  Our team had just been allowed to come back on campus after being booted a few years prior for typically awesome behavior.  After much lobbying, we managed to secure a scrap of land in the back of a 40 acre sports complex with no irrigation and a gravel road running through the middle of it.  But at least it was ours.

While rugby has been slowly gaining notoriety in the states, a huge boost occured with the inclusion of sevens (seven people play as opposed to the larger 15 men squads) in the 2016 Olympics in Rio for both men and women.  Since that announcement participation in youth leagues has swelled and TV coverage is becoming more regular.

Obscure sports trivia of the month: Team USA will actually be going to these Olympics as the two-time defending champions from 1920 and 1924 (defeating France each time).  The USA Eagles can be seen playing Italy in Houston on June 23.

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