Chilean Mancation: Summer Skiing and Snowboarding

Epic South American Mancation

While a lot of trips we focus on here at Bromentous are based around specific events, many of the best mancations are about getting off the grid with your boys for a while.  The South American snow season is upon us, and if you haven’t already been it is time to take this epic journey south of the equator.  For those of us already addicted to searching for the powder, this trip also offers the fix you need during the summer months.

On top of getting your snow gear out of the garage, this trip really offers much more than your regular trips to North American, or even European, mountain resorts at a fraction of the cost.  You might even be able to mix in a surf/snow combo in this skinny nation or a side trip to a winery.  This trip is a real bucket list mancation.

Chile Snow Season

The snow season in this part of the world lasts from mid-June through October, with prime conditions usually occurring between July and August.  The climate here can be compared to that in Northern California, with mild temperatures at lower altitudes.  It isn’t unusual for it to be raining down in the towns while the snow dumps up at the resorts, so don’t let the weather in Santiago fool you when you first arrive.

I like the snow report, but be sure to confirm with some local sources.

The Resorts

The largest and most convenient resorts in Chile are known as the Three Valleys – La Parva, El Colorado, and Valle Nevado.  Only 67km from Santiago, this drive can be done in about 1.5 hrs, although conditions can make it longer.  Together, these resorts comprise the largest ski area in South America.  Additionally, they boast convenient accomodations and active village life to support your vacation.

Valle Nevado, Chile

Portillo is probably the most famous of the Chilean resorts as it is the oldest ski center in South America.  Staying true to its roots, Portillo offers a unique back-to-basics experience without the encroachment of towns, shopping, high prices, or the consumerism that has come to be a big part of most ski experiences.

For the more adventurous crowd (or just crowd-adverse) who hasn’t traveled south enough, head to Pucon or Chillan where access to Volcan Villarica and Termas de Chillan will definitely give your man trip the “off the grid” feeling you might be looking for.

The People

The thing that is going to make your Chile trip one of the best trips of your life is the people.  From the moment you get on that Lan flight you’re heading on an epic, yet friendly, adventure.  Take the time to wander around Santiago for it’s night life, and enjoy an amazing road trip through the little towns along the way.  While the ladies don’t boast the same reputation as their Brazilian counterparts, you’ll probably find them to be intrigued by your group of gringos once they get over their natural shyness. is a website dedicated to finding and highlighting the best mancations around the world.  Our Trip Planner is a calendar which hosts over 200 epic trip ideas for your next mancation.


Photo: Bierstube Valle Nevado from Erazo-Fischer’s photostream on Flickr





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