The Preakness Stakes Makes an Epic Mancation

Mancation at the Preakness

 A Great Weekend Mancation to Baltimore

Every once in a while I remind myself why I even made the Bromentous Man Trip Planner to begin with.  I was checking out the site tonight (bringing my total views for the day to 1), and I realized I forgot to watch the Preakness this weekend.

Now, I can assure you I wasn’t doing anything that would justify not taking 5 minutes out of my time to watch what was apparently an awesome race.  So remember to check the calendar, download the events to your google calendar, and set an alert.  That’s all it takes.

While I clearly wasn’t on the ball for this years Preakness, I have actually been to this event in the past and it really makes for an epic man trip.  Starting with the night before, the whole Inner-Harbour area of Baltimore is turned into a street party.  Bars in the area put up bins to sell beers on the street and it is going off.  It is really awesome.

With the race being an afternoon event, you have plenty of time to shake your hangover and get over to the track.  If you’re loading up for an infield freakshow,  local kids with stolen shopping carts will offer to haul all your coolers and gear to the gate.   It’s worth a few bucks since, chances are, you won’t be parked anywhere near it.

If you have seats up in the grandstand, be sure to take the time to wander down to the infield.  It is truly a party of bromentous proportions.  Full debauchery.

I’ll Have Another

Aside from selling for $11,000 at one point and having a name that is winning money for drunks at tracks and betting windows everywhere, this horse can finish.  I’m pretty sure Baffert is going to have another heart attack before this is all said and done.

Here’s a good video of the race if you also missed it.  I won’t offer a recap.  After all, it takes 2 minutes and you already know the winner.



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