Man Trip Alaska: The Iditarod

Sonny Lindner’s team cresting the hill near Goose Lake, a photo by Alaskan Dude on Flickr.

Video:  The Iditarod Trail: Historical Overview.

If you’ve been addicted Flying Wild Alaska on Discovery like me, you remember that there are people living out on the frontier in conditions that most of us would rather keep on the TV set. Before you get too caught up in the beginning of March Madness, it’s worth taking a moment to recognize where the real men are hanging out right now. Earlier this week the 40th Annual Iditarod began. This 1,000 mile race to Nome is a real throw-back in todays world of pampered sports figures.

It doesn’t look like Lance “Sir Lance A Lot” Mackey is going to be able to bring home his 5th win this year, leaving Rick Swenson safe with his record for now. Be sure to check out for some updates.

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