March Madness Update

Lehigh Upsets Duke: Blue Devils Stunned In NCAA Tournament.

You know, every once in a while, great things happen that bring a wide grin to your face.  In my earlier post about the start of March Madness, I tellingly mentioned that maybe, just maybe, some lucky bros would get to witness a crushing Duke upset.  Well, apparently this was a good year and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

It also reminded me of another reason why truly Bromentous occasions like the tourney are awesome.  My phone started ringing off the hook with calls and texts from all over the country.  Bros who I haven’t heard from in a while wrote to admit they had my Horns losing in the first round.  The great upset gave me a chance to call some peeps that I know actually went to Lehigh and join in the celebration.

The bottom line, these events give us a reason to connect even if we can’t actually get together and remind us to get The Calendar out and make the effort to plan the next gathering.





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