March Madness

20080405-IMG_4872 by JMR_Photography
20080405-IMG_4872, a photo by JMR_Photography on Flickr.

Nothing says March Madness like a picture of some cheerleaders from a school that may or may not actually be in the tourney this year.

You bros already have and whatever other site you use for your sports news, so I’m not going to get into game schedules and analysis here.  It’s sufficient to say that the NCAA tournament is awesome and we’ll all be glued to the games, whether or not we’ve followed one bit of hoops all year.  The next few weeks will offer plenty of chances to get together with the bros.  So take advantage.

That being said, tournament games are an awesome reason to plan a road trip.  The atmosphere is unreal, and if you’re really lucky you’ll get to watch Duke losing to some underdog.

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