RIP Earl Scruggs. You Are A Legendary Bro.

Earl Scruggs was the man.  He revolutionized the way his instrument was played.  One of my favorite music DVDs is the Three Pickers concert he did with Doc Watson and Ricky Scaggs.

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  1. […] us who enjoy heading to concerts with the boys, or just tearing it up to some loud tunes, men like Earl Scruggs and Jim Marshall deserve a mention with respect to all of the good times they have brought […]

  2. […] First weekend of Coachella is about to kick off, and with a line-up as extensive as this, it is easier just to go check out their website than for me to list them all.  Needless to say, those of you fortunate enough to score tickets to this years event are in for a great weekend of music.  There is also sure to be plenty of proper respect paid to to recent passings of legends Jim Marshall and Earl Scruggs. […]

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