July Mancations: 3 Epic Adventures for Runners

July Mancation:  Runner’s Edition

Run with the Bulls

While not technically a race, when the rockets fire in Pamplona you better start running and you certainly don’t want the gates to the arena closing before you get there.  The man trip to the Festival San Fermin is a classic ritual and a bucket list item for most adventurous guys.  After the opening ceremony , The Chupinazo, on July 6th, The Encierro occurs every morning from July 7-14 at 8am.  This offers plenty of chances to put your training regimen to the test.  Of course, your regular exercise might not include inebriation and sleep deprivation so be prepared to factor in those two conditions.  The bottom line, this event isn’t for spectators as much as it is for those people who want to really be involved in an epic cultural event at a personal, and potentially dangerous, level.

Tough Mudder Scotland

Tough Mudder has been getting rave reviews for their events since they first started in 2009.  With the expansion of their schedule internationally, these events offer an interesting way of mixing with the locals on a whole new level.  Heading out with your team of man trippers to the Scottish countryside after a few nights of epic nightlife in Edinburgh for an endurance race has modern day Braveheart written all over it.  Held July 14-15 in Thornhill, Dumfriesshire, Scotland at the Drumlanrig Castle and Country Estate, this event is sure to offer an interesting and adventurous cure for your hangover.

Rio Marathon

Although no guys are ever at a shortage of reasons to visit Rio de Janeiro, for those active bros who absolutely must stretch the legs on vacation participating in the Rio marathon would be a serious notch in the belt.  Held on July 8, the event will host both full and half marathons.  If you aren’t quite ready for this year, booking this one for 2013 would be way more inspiring for training than the local club run, and the post race celebration is guaranteed to be much more interesting.  With over 22,000 people currently registered, you won’t be alone on the course – but you will probably be the only one in the office getting this stamp in the passport.  Of course, even if you aren’t ready for this year’s race, you might just want to head to Brazil anyway.


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