The Masters

Golf Porn by Mike D. Merrill
Golf Porn, a photo by Mike D. Merrill on Flickr.

The Masters at Augusta kicks off this weekend and, while Tiger Woods is coming back and Rory McIlroy is looking tough, lets remember what golf is really all about. Getting out of the house for a few hours or even a couple days and drinking some beers, no matter how ridiculously early it is.

For some of us, a trip to the Masters is a Bucket List item, but no matter what kind of golfer you are (or are not), the fact is golf either is, or accompanies, many Bromentous occasions throughout the year. Whether its every weekend, the annual get-together, a bachelor party, a reason to go to Scotland, or a trip to the local pitch-and-put, playing a round ensures some good times with the bros.

So tip your beer cart girls and light the stogies. FORE!!

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