June’s Toughest Mancation: Calcio Storico

Calcio Storico – Florence Italy

Great Italian Mancation

Don’t let the funny hats fool you, this event is one of the craziest things I have come across since I began researching epic mancations around the world.  This isn’t the toughest event to get to, or the toughest to participate in; it’s just the toughest sport I’ve come across in a long time.  While I started this project to make sure I didn’t miss things like the Indy 500, stumbling upon wild and weird cultural events like the Calcio Storico has made the project really awesome.

This event that dates back 500 years in Florence, Italy and is a combination of wrestling, football, and rugby, where the object apparently is just to rip each other’s heads off.  When we were kids we called it smear the queer (I’m not saying it’s right, but those were less politically correct times).  With 27 men per side, it just looks like chaos in the ring. The only rule?  You can not hit an unconscious player.  The coolest thing about it might be the winning team’s prize: a pile of steaks equal in weight to that of a calf.

Here is some footage of the insanity that is Calcio Storico:

If Italy isn’t on your bucket list, or watching a bunch of dudes kill each other isn’t your thing, check out the Bromentous Man Trip Planner for plenty of other epic mancation options.

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Photo:  Corteo Storico from Jon Gonzalo Torrontegui’s photostream on Flickr

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